Concrete cutting

Cutting by wall saw – DiaPRO provides controlled cutting/demolition for the opening of wall and slabs with any required dimensions provided by the customer. This can be carried out by Hydraulic and Electrical wall saws.

Cutting by wire saw – Concrete cutting with reinforcement can be done by wire saw machine. Our company can do jobs for cutting higher thicknesses and irregular shapes or sizes.

Cutting by floor saw – For cutting into concrete and asphalt material for a thickness of maximum depth of 620mm with our specialized electrical/petrol/diesel machines.

Cutting by chain saw – To make small openings in concrete, blocks and hollow panels with a hand held Electrical/Hydraulic chain saw machines.

Cutting by ring saw – DiaPRO has an advanced high-tech product ringsaw to cut in block wall and hollow core slabs with reinforcement.

Coring services – For making accurate and clean holes, we offer a very good solution to pass the pipes very systematically in concrete walls, slabs and under water we have variable sizes from 6mm to 1000mm with a wide range of latest technology coring machines.

Wall chasing – DiaPRO provides complete solution for passing electrical conduits and copper pipes inside the walls in services required by the customer. We are using most high quality machines to complete the job on time in more professional way.