Concrete Cutting

We provide a controlled cutting/demolition for the opening of wall and slabs

Concrete Scanning

Crack Scanning:- We have special tools to scan crack depth and width based on the site conditions.

Concrete Treatment

DIAPRO provides value-added services and specialty solutions that are intended to meet design

Soil Earthing

Portable Earth Boring Machine:- We have a solution for boring for a depth of 30 metres in a confined space by using portable boring machine.


Robotic:- We have introduced a compact remote controlled demolition robot with a low weight and small size which can reach in a very confined spaces finish demolition fast.


DiaPRO has specialized team who can do rebar fixing with more efficient and economical way by using chemical anchors



DiaPRO Contracting Company was established in 2015 in Qatar as a leading contractor and specialist of diamond concrete coring & cutting. As a result of its growth, DiaPRO expanded their activities and services to other Middle East countries Qatar, Bahrain & Oman.

Our work is carried out by a team of qualified professionals, well trained and certified technicians who can operate the latest high-tech machines. To ensure we remain competitive and up-to-date with technologies, procedures &regulations, we offer continuous education, on the job training, as well as safety training.


GM Message

Bashar Salebeh
General Manager

DiaPRO has been at the forefront of the Construction and Engineering Support Services Sector since 2015 in Qatar. The company’s humble beginnings cemented our core values – Integrity, Teamwork, Ownership, Continuous Improvement, and Open-communication – integrating into our business philosophy thereby creating the DiaPRO way. The foundation of our business approach coupled with unwavering commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment has made DIAPRO a partner of choice in the Kingdom’s Construction and Engineering Support Services Sectors.

As a service-oriented organization, we truly believe that our employees are our most “valuable assets”. The steadfast spirit of accepting challenges, pushing the boundaries and achieving the impossible greatly defines how we undeniably recognize the value of our personnel and their satisfaction will equate to service excellence which eventually impacts on our customer’s satisfaction.

As we look ahead, we renew our pledge on our commitment to be abreast of the changes and innovations and to adopt better management and construction techniques to meet customer’s demands.